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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

For the LOVE of HORSES

I am from South Louisiana and didn't really own a horse until my adult life. However, I did learn to ride at a young age with a friend whose father managed a family farm/plantation on the Red River. I think my first horse love was Hank who was in his late 20's and so swayback that there wasn't any way you could fall off. He was a great teacher and so it all began. I hope through instructing all levels of Equine First Aid that I can assist owners to have the confidence and knowledge to deal with their horse's injury so that they can effectively communicate with their vet and prevent further damage until they get medical assistance. For me it's all about saving and loving our horses. I am excited about this opportunity and am so impressed with the level of professionalism with Equi-Health Canada. The techniques and skills participants are taught are consistently being reviewed and evaluated to ensure that you provide the best and utmost care.


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