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Our Course Offerings

Equine Health & Emergency First Aid

This one day course teaches you what your vet needs to knowbefore he arrives. You will learn how to recognize pain and/or shock and how to condition your horse to accept treatment. This course teaches you how to take vital signs, lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, recognizing pain, and MORE!

Advanced Equine First Aid

During this one day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course you will learn how to handle the most serious injuries while waiting the for the vet. It will cover poisons, burns, bites, fractures, sucking chest wounds and MORE. This advance course also includes treating emergencies in remote areas with limited access to supplies.

Safety First: Barn and Beyond

This 3-Hour comprehensive safety course geared for beginners.The student will learn safety around horses as well as general farm and livestock safety.

Yay or Neigh? Farm Safety for Kids

A 3-Hour program for kids 5 - 10 this course teaches safety around livestock, farm equipment, and other hidden dangers. The student will learn what to do in case of fire, and Nature always disaster while participating in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

I Can Help! Horse First Aid for Kids (5-10)

Have a youngster that loves horses? In this 3-Hour kids program they will learn safety around horses and basic first aid in a fun, hands on environment. No horse experience necessary.

Equine First Aid Fundamentals (10 and Up)

A half day fast paced clinic working hands-on with horses the student will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain, detect colic, and learn how to bandage - all in realistic scenarios.


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